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Navy Swords/Cutlasses

U.S. Navy cutlasses and swords are coveted all over the world because of its beautiful detail and design. But Navy swords are also an important part of United States history.

Cutlass models like the Naval 1860 CPO Cutlass and the Navy 1860 Officers Cutlass carry an enormous amount of history. The cutlass is a French curve-type sword that has been used since the time of the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. It is the perfect tool and weapon for a sailor because it is able to slice through ropes, but also is effective in close combat. The Navy cutlass was an official weapon for the United States Navy until it was discontinued in 1949. The final version of the cutlass was created in 1917 by the United States Navy.

Officers are some of the highest designated people in the Navy. During the days of close combat fighting they would need to be equipped with top notch swords. Long and elegant, a Navy Officers Sword is the epitome of war regalia. Naval officers needed to be the most fit and equipped fighters around, which is why they used such a perfect piece of weaponry.

You will find each of these Navy swords here. From the Naval 1860 CPO Cutlass to the Navy 1860 Officers Cutlass to the Navy Officers Sword, you will surely find what you are looking for. We have authentic swords along with reproduced and replica swords, a number of options to choose from.
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