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Military swords have been around for thousands of years and have been used as one of the main weapons in the military. Today that is not the case, the sword is now used mostly as a ceremonial weapon. In the military this can be extremely significant as a symbol of honor. There is more to it then just honor though the sword is also displays status, authority, power and is even used in wedding ceremonies which is called the Saber Arch. There is also a rich and powerful history that comes along with the sword.

The branches of the military that use swords (sometimes called sabers as well) are the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. For each one of the of the branches the sword can have a slightly different meaning; each one of the branches also has a specific history with the sword and how it was used within that branch. The Marines for example the sword is an example of the Marines legacy as one of the original defenders, officers where the first to carry the sword, then later on NCO's (Non Commissioned Officers). The Navy for example has a really rich history with the sword. Swords that are received have the Star of Damascus on them (not to be confused with the Star of David) which is a representation of quality swordsmanship and craft, as well as the sword being made of Damascus steel.

This clearly shows how important the sword is within the military. There also seems to be a great significance, into why the sword is able to show not just honor for the bearer but the military as a whole. With such a rich history even dating back before the US military, the sword is a symbol of excellent swordsmanship, determination, and history as well. This is why the sword is important to the military. It is part of the rich heritage which encompasses the history of the military, as well as the honor that comes with that history.
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