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Gun Displays

These gun and rifle displays are a beautiful way to show vintage pieces of history on your wall that you can enjoy and discover every time you walk by.

Custom designed and made to hold these timeless firearms, our gun displays are made of the finest hardwoods with the finest stains and lacquers to give it just the right look for the gun. They are designed to give a lovely shadowbox appearance so the viewer knows they are on display but still open to give the best possible viewing and convince that these are real and at the ready.

First we have the 1911 government Model 45 cal Pistol and Wall Plaque. The 1911 .45 if a single action semiautomatic pistol. Designed by John Browning, it was chosen as the standard issue side arm for the U.S. armed forces in 1911 and is still carried by some U.S. forces.

With our M9 Beretta and display you will see the gun that replaced the venerable Colt .45 1911 as the U.S. Military standard issue side arm in January 1985. This personal defense weapon is a double action semiautomatic pistol, chambered with the NATO 9mm cartridge. This is a non-firing replica model made with all the weight, detailing and working mechanics of the real thing.

The M1 Garand and Hardwood Display Wall Plaque really shows off the M1 rifle in style. Officially designated the "United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1." It was the first general issue semiautomatic rifle given to infantry soldiers of any nation. It replaced the bolt-action M1903 Springfield rifle in 1936 and was itself replaced by the selective fire of the M14 in 1957. The M1 Garand has a distinguished service record, having a marked presence in World war two, The Korean war and the Vietnam war. It is still carried by military honor guards in the U.S. Military. This M1 is one of the best non firing replicas on the market, with sturdy metal parts for an authentic look and weight with real hardwood furniture.
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