Gift Ideas for Military Veterans

Posted by Devin on 9/27/2013 to Military Displays
Military veterans deserve massive amounts of appreciation for all they have done in the past, are doing today, and for all the sacrifice they will make in the future. Many people are searching for ways to show how thankful they are for what they have done for the country. With Father's Day approaching, people are searching for the perfect gifts to give their fathers and grandfathers who have fought for their country. Considering most of the military love collection guns, knives, and other military collectibles, displays are excellent gift ideas.

The History of Swords

Posted by Devin on 9/19/2013 to Military Sword History
From its earliest appearance over 30,000 years ago, the sword has occupied a unique place in history and human imagination. Unlike weapons of brute force, the sword requires skill to create and to wield, and it has more than earned its name as "the Queen of weapons.”

History of the Military Shadow Box

Posted by Devin H. on 9/4/2013 to Military Swords
Although it has become a staple of military retirements, the history of the military shadow box is as cloaked in mystery as its name would suggest. The varying accounts of its origins make discerning the truth of the matter difficult. However, the story of the shadow box is one that sheds light on the respect and high regard that military service members have for one another.
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