The USMC KA-BAR knife: A Marine's Best Friend

Posted by Devin on 8/31/2013 to Military Sword History
In the early days of World War II United States Marines used World War I-era bronze or alloy-handled knives, such as the standard Mark I trench knife. In this new war however, these old-fashioned knives were seen as unwieldy by soldiers, and were also expensive to manufacture.

5 Reasons to Buy a Sword Plaque for a Marine Graduate

Posted by Devin on 8/30/2013 to Military Displays
According to The US Marine Corps, three commitments are made: They make Marines. They win the Nation's battles. They develop quality citizens.

With these standards of quality in mind, Marine graduates often receive a sword as a gift. Traditional swords and proud graduates need a plaque on which to display the gift.

History of the M7 Bayonet

Posted by Devin on 8/27/2013 to Military Memorabilia
Introduced in 1964 during the Vietnam war by the US military, the M7 bayonet was used for the M16. The M7 was used to replace the M6 bayonet that was common on the M14 rifle. Though they are very similar, the differences mainly lie in the muzzle ring diameter and the locking and release mechanisms. It is said that the M7 bayonet embodies a mesh of the M4 and the M6 bayonets in both style, and feel.
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