An Introduction of Military Swords Memorabilia

Posted by Bryan on 6/22/2012 to Military Swords
Presentation swords are one of the most popular American military collectibles today. Swords that were awarded as an honor, replicas of swords once used in battle, historic swords and swords officers had custom-made for their own personal use... these are beautifully meaningful memorabilia that is also beautifully crafted of silver or gold and elaborately etched blades.

A Brief History of Swords in Military Use

Posted by Bryan on 6/20/2012 to Military Sword History
Swords were the choice military weapon for thousands of years. That's a remarkable tenure for anything, let alone a weapon. They were each designed differently, and to carry out specific damage. Some were made for thrusting the sword into the enemy, while others were designed to cut.
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