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Air Force Swords

Few things are more honored than those used on a service member's uniform. Air Force swords, for example, have traditionally represented respect and honor. This authentic U.S Air Force sword is guaranteed to be an exact replica of what is actually used by the military today. The U.S. Air Force separated from the Army in 1947. A year later they formed the Air Force Honor Guard. At this time the Army ceremonial weapons came into use. 

This Air Force sword is worn only for special ceremonies by enlisted airmen. This authentic U.S Air Force sword itself is a fairly new tradition, having been phased in only recently. It replaced the sword that had been previously used, which was the Model 1840 NCO sword. The design for the Air Force swords come from the traditional style of the Air Force Academy sword, which is a saber. The two are exactly identical with one exception: The U.S. Air Force sword instead reads, "U.S. Air Force."

The overall design of the USAF sword closely resembles that of the West Point, respecting the related history for which that institution is known. The sword is for ceremonial purposes. As such, it does not have a true sharpened blade. Instead, it carries only a ceremonial double-edged blade. The tip can be very sharp, but the length of the blade is dull. The blade itself is ruler straight and tapers to a fine point.
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