With a Little Maintenance, Your Sword Display Will Look Great Year After Year

Posted by Devin on 1/17/2014 to Military Displays
Display swords can make a great addition to any home. Military themed swords show pride in one's country, as well as serving to honor those members of a family who dutifully served. By displaying such swords in your home, you can pay respect to those who bravely risk their lives to defend freedom all over the world.
It's important to take care of your swords if you want them looking good for years to come. With a little upkeep and some common sense procedures, you will be able to pass down your cherished keepsake throughout the generations.

 Keep Your Hands to Yourself

 The less you handle a sword, the longer it will remain intact. Oils from skin negatively react with many metals, which can then cause rust to develop. Rust can ultimately ruin the look of your prized possession, leaving it dull and tarnished. Fortunately, many decorative swords are made from metals that are not prone to rusting, though with many of these metals scratching can be an issue. In this instance, it's best to adopt a look but don't touch policy.

Rust Never Sleeps

If rust does become an issue, there's still hope for your sword. An initial cleaning will rid the sword of things like oils and dust, which is important when attempting to remove rust. Ideally you'll want to use something like rubbing alcohol, but liquid soap also works in pinch. Once you're done with the initial cleaning, it's time to tackle the rust. There are many rust treatments available, from highly abrasive treatment to less harsh chemicals. The level of treatment you choose depends on how rusty the sword is.

Protecting Your Sword

A well applied sealant will keep your sword looking new for years to come. Waxes and other well-known sealants work great in this capacity. These will allow your sword to retain its luster for many years longer than an untreated sword might.
By following the above instructions, you can rest assured that your sword will stand the test of time. With just a little bit of care, your sword can look brand new for years to come.