Wafare Across the Ages

Posted by Bryan on 12/12/2012 to Military Sword History
Military history is a unique and fascinating field of study, focusing on the history of armed conflict throughout human history. An ever-evolving field, it can be broken down into a number of distinct time periods, each of which offers an interesting glimpse into how and why humans warred with each other over the ages.

Ancient Warfare

Ancient warfare was the infancy of warfare, a time when the first strategies and tactics were developed. Wars often erupted over the influence of political entities and the limited resources in populated regions. This era saw the rise and fall of many of the world’s greatest empires such as the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the Qin Dynasty and the Achaemenid Persian Empire. Some of its most renowned strategists and military philosophers include Alexander the Great, Sun Tzu and Caesar.

Medieval Warfare

From the ashes of the Dark Ages rose the Middle Ages, and with them a whole new concept of warfare. Medieval warfare centered around feudalism and imperialistic expansion. New weapons and military concepts such as castle sieges, cavalry, archery and artillery developed and firmly took hold during this time period. Notable states and empires during this period include the Mongol Empire, the Islamic Arab Empire and the various nation-states of medieval Europe.

Gunpowder Warfare

The advent of gunpowder greatly changed the course of military history. After the Middle Ages, the advent of modern weaponry made medieval warfare obsolete. Warfare was now conducted with firearms and modern field infantry.

Industrial Warfare

Industrial warfare is in many ways the genesis of modern warfare. This sort of warfare, which developed out of the Industrial Revolution, saw the emergence of concepts such as total war and the importance of technology as weaponry. Notable leaders during this period include Napoleon Bonaparte, William Tecumseh Sherman and Ulysses S. Grant.

Modern Warfare

Modern warfare encompasses warfare from World War I onwards. It saw the rise of devastating military innovations such as nuclear weapons, special forces, aircraft carriers, cyber warfare and modern battle tanks and artillery.

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