U.S. Army Rangers: A Brief History

Posted by Bryan on 12/22/2012 to Military Sword History
The U.S. Army Rangers consist of a group of 2000 of the most elite, highly trained soldiers in the United States. The group is composed of one Special Troops Battalion and three Rifle Battalions. Originally headquartered out of Fort Benning, Georgia, these combat soldiers are trained for quick deployments, within just a few hours’ notice, to locations all over the world. The Rangers are prepared to travel in any type of weather condition as well as all types of terrain and will travel by air, land or sea.

They are the top-notch seizure and raid unit within the Army. The Rangers are thoroughly trained in raids, combat techniques, direct action operations and recovery of people and equipment. They specialize in several areas such as reconnaissance missions, ambushes, airfield seizures and rapid-fire assaults.

The Rangers began before the Revolutionary War. Originally, they were the group of soldiers responsible for watching out for Indian attacks. They were the group of soldiers who showed the way to villages and areas of conflict or interest. Some of the names they used to be called were the Marison’s Partisans, Rogers’ Rangers and Church’s rangers.

These soldiers fought with the British and the Indians in many American Battles up to the Civil War. After that time, there were no more Ranger units. Again, in World War II, the 1st Ranger Battalion of 50 men was started up by Major William Darby. Because of their successes, many other battalions formed over the following years. The 75th Ranger Regiment was formed in 1986 and remains today.