Tracking Down Authentic Sword Accessories for the U.S. Armed Forces

Posted by Devin on 1/22/2014
Whether you are trying to find a personalized gift for a current or former member of the U.S. Armed Forces, looking to complete your dress uniform, or adding the finishing touches to a display piece, there are a variety of online retailers who specialize in providing authentic military sword accessories.
Representing Each Branch of Military Service
Established retailers of military regalia generally offer all the accessories specific to each branch, whether the Marines, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, or Air Force. Examples of sword accessories available include:
  • Sword Frogs: Leather pieces that are used to suspend military swords from the belt, usually in black or white. The frog also serves to protect the uniform from the metal components connecting the sling or saber chain to the scabbard.
  • Sword Knots: Ornate lengths of cord with decorative tassels, sword knots secure the sword's hilt to the carrier's wrist.
  • Sam Browne Belts: Crafted by their namesake after Browne lost his left arm in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Still in use by the Marine Corps, the extra belt across his right shoulder helped to keep the standard-issue frog and belt in place.
  • Sword Chains and Slings: Slings are used by the Marine Corp, and chains by the Army to secure the sword's scabbard.
Look for sellers who provide only genuine items that are made from the best materials. Some retailers may try to offer cheaper accessories made from poor-quality material, or even items that have been manufactured overseas.

Online Orders

Most retailers should be happy to work with you to find exactly what you need, and online ordering can help to streamline the process. Online stores will usually have unit insignia on file. If you cannot find your specific unit, some websites allow you to upload the imagery yourself.
Many businesses that offer online ordering will usually provide international shipping, including to FPO and APO military addresses.
Whether you need to go full-dress or complete an authentic display piece, be sure that you order from a trusted retailer dedicated to getting the finest details right. These pieces can also make touching gifts for current and former members of the military services as mementos of time spent in service and sacrifice for our country.