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Posted by Devin on 11/27/2013 to Military Memorabilia
We thank our friends and relatives who have served in the military defending our freedom and rights, but for the vet, it’s not always easy returning home after service has ended, especially when the vet has been deployed to a war zone, or spent the whole of their career in service to the military.  Civilian life can seem like another world, and sometimes words of thanks, while being our best shows of support, fall short of expressing the gratitude that we truly feel for our special vets. 
A really thoughtful way to show your appreciation for service is to memorialize an artifact from time served.  One of the most strikingly beautiful displays is that of a sword or cutlass and scabbard, crossed in a well-made, solid wooden case or shadowbox, or on a nice handcrafted wooden shield or plaque. The better mounting sources will allow you to select the style and size, along with the exact hardwood species, and personalized laser engraving of your choice should be an option.

The types of military swords suitable for display are sizeable, so for starters, let’s consider the different divisions and who might carry a sword.  Representing the Navy would be CPO and officers, who are given cutlasses.  In the Army, NCOs carry swords in full dress.  In the US Marine Corps, Officers and NCOs have swords..  Finally, both the Air Force and Coast Guard have swords that could be displayed.  
When there’s sufficient room, a stately mantel display  communicates more than words could ever say. There are floor models which are freestanding and mobile.

And, just as retired servicemen and servicewomen carry an unspoken dignity, choosing to display their sword is a gift that most adequately expresses the gratitude that words just can’t convey.  Not packed up in a closet or in an attic somewhere, but their sword or cutlass, proudly displayed to say “I’m proud of this serviceperson and their sacrifice, and want everyone to see evidence of it.”  It’s a way to really give back.

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