Preserving Service Heirlooms With Hardwood Flag Display Cases

Posted by Devin on 1/29/2014 to Military Displays
Memorial flags and other keepsake flags are often folded and presented in traditional triangular wooden display cases. Many families of U.S. service members receive these flags during funeral ceremonies honoring deceased Veterans. Sometimes flags are also preserved in such display cases when they are of some historical or personal importance, or were flown on a particular occasion of honor.
Flags Presented During Veteran Memorial Services
The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides a flag to be draped over the casket of deceased Veterans who have served honorably, in memory of military service to their country. Such flags are given to:
Veterans with wartime service
Veterans who died while on active duty later than May 27, 1941
Peacetime Veterans released or discharged prior to June 27, 1950
Certain individuals, having served under the Commonwealth of the Philippines while in service of U.S. Forces, who died on or prior to April 25, 1951
Veterans who served later than January 31, 1955
Certain former Selected Reserves members
After the memorial ceremony, these flags are usually offered to the next-of-kin. In cases where a family member cannot be located, they may also be presented to a friend (upon request).
Preserving Memorial Flags in Display Cases
Prior to burial, memorial flags are usually ceremonially folded and presented. Many families choose to preserve these flags in memory of the deceased, and often they are displayed in triangular wooden frames, or cases, with an outward face of protective glass. Most stores that carry flag display cases should carry boxes that will accommodate the 5' x 9.5' flag issued by the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Personalized Engravings
Some retailers will offer additional personalization options. Engraved brass plates with memorial text can be affixed to frames, or the display glass can be etched with military emblems or personalized text.
Displaying Wooden Cases
Display cases typically come fitted with hardware for easy wall mounting. They also can be placed on a desk, shelf, mantle, or other flat surface. Some retailers also provide options for small hardwood platforms or pedestals that can increase their prominence in the room and draw the eye.
Whether you are looking for a way to display a flag of historical or deep personal significance, or you want an heirloom-quality case to preserve the memorial flag for a deceased Veteran, these cases provide an impressive and moving display.

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