Sword Collecting 101: Where to Start

Posted by Carlos on 2/12/2014 to Military Swords
If you're thinking about collecting swords, you may be wondering where the heck you're supposed to start. Just like any other hobby, collecting swords is going to be no different -- it's going to take time, an investment and dedication to grow your collection.

The Stories Behind the Various U.S. Military Swords

Posted by Devin on 2/4/2014 to Military Swords
Perhaps no symbol is better suited to convey military service than the sword. Although advances in modern technology have rendered the use of this historical weapon obsolete, its fixture as the primary weapon of choice for thousands of years of military history reserves it a standing of high regard amongst today's modern military forces.

Interesting Information About the Most Popular Steel Alloys Used in Collectable Millitary Swords

Posted by Devin on 1/31/2014 to Military Swords
Most military sword manufacturers that manufactured collectable military swords used several steel alloys to produce swords for combat and ceremonial purposes. These steel alloys offered different benefits to users that can be inferred by examining military swords made out of these alloys. As a result, it's a good idea to have a basic understanding of how these alloys are manufactured.

How to Determine the Condition of Collectible Military Swords

Posted by Dupree on 1/5/2014 to Military Swords
Many people who are interested in collecting military swords wonder how they can determine the condition of a sword accurately. This is not surprising because most collectors use the condition of a sword to determine its value and visual appeal.

How to make money with investments in military swords

Posted by Dupree on 1/3/2014 to Military Swords
When looking to collect items and make money at the same time, most people are at a loss. Usually, a person who likes something such as traveling or sports will not make money off his or her hobby or collectibles. On the other hand, when collecting new or old military swords, one can make money and have a great time. With this in mind, here are four ways one can maximize their return on investment when buying military swords.

Properly Displaying a Military Flag

Posted by Devin on 1/2/2014 to Military Swords
America has a proud history of military flags, beginning with over a dozen different designs that were carried into battle during the Revolutionary War. Each branch of the military has its own flag, and many collectors enjoy tracing the history of the American military through the many incarnations of these flags, from the old maritime Union Jack to the modern designs for the Air Force. When displaying your military flags indoors, remember to care for them just like Old Glory.

Four ways to protect to military swords

Posted by Devin on 12/27/2013 to Military Swords
With military swords, one will have a cool long-term investment that they can enjoy. Sadly, a lot of people see their investment value decline when it deteriorates due to the elements. With this in mind, here are four ways to protect military swords and see them last a long time.

Keeping Antique Guns in Shooting Shape

Posted by Devin on 12/23/2013 to Military Swords
If you've recently bought or inherited an antique gun, it’s important that you take good care of it and buy a proper gun display in order to make sure that it will remain in good condition for as long as possible. Individuals who have never owned guns or antiques before will want to be especially diligent about taking care of old firearms correctly.

Using Military Swords at Weddings

Posted by Devin on 12/20/2013 to Military Swords
While swords are often used at military weddings, they should always be done so with proper respect and education. You'll always want to check with the clergy beforehand to make sure that the event goes smoothly and follows venue protocol. For instance, you may or may not be allowed to wear sabers and scabbards inside the church. There are also religious leaders who prohibit bringing weapons on synagogue or church grounds.

Ongoing Care and Maintenance of Military Swords

Posted by Devin on 11/22/2013 to Military Swords
During active duty, the various branches of the military bestow swords upon servicemembers as symbols of advancement in rank. After discharge, military swords remain symbols of a legacy of service. As such, it is important that you care for and maintain your military sword properly so that it continues to appropriately embody the spirit in which the military gave it.

Gift Ideas for Retired Military Officers

Posted by Devin on 11/20/2013 to Military Swords
On holidays and birthdays, it is important to purchase meaningful, thoughtful gifts, and for retired military officers this often poses a unique challenge. These men and women have served their country and deserve a special kind of gift, and military weapons and displays are gifts many retired military officers love.

History of the Military Shadow Box

Posted by Devin H. on 9/4/2013 to Military Swords
Although it has become a staple of military retirements, the history of the military shadow box is as cloaked in mystery as its name would suggest. The varying accounts of its origins make discerning the truth of the matter difficult. However, the story of the shadow box is one that sheds light on the respect and high regard that military service members have for one another.

The Cutting Edges of the Revolutionary War

Posted by Bryan on 4/4/2013 to Military Swords
While the firepower of muskets and pistols was among the most common weaponry of the Revolutionary War, intimidating sabres and swords had important parts to play as well.

A Quick History of Ka-Bar Knives

Posted by Bryan on 11/13/2012 to Military Swords
Known for creating quality fighting and utility knives, Kabar as a company has been around at least since the late 1890s, though some estimates take it back to the early 1800s when the New England cutlery industry began to re-surface.

Military Swords

Posted by Mel on 11/12/2012 to Military Swords
Military swords are among the most interesting memorabilia or souvenir that a history buff or military person can own and/or collect.

Military Swords: Significance and Meaning

Posted by Bryan on 7/11/2012 to Military Swords
Too many of us have never had the unique opportunity to serve in war. For those who have, we are in a time where swords and weapons that encourage hand-to-hand combat are all but eliminated. Instead, we control drones from halfway across the world that attack and destroy buildings and people.

U.S. Navy Officer Swords Are a Genuine, Thoughtful Gift

Posted by Bryan on 7/11/2012 to Military Swords
Do you have a son or daughter serving in the U.S. Navy? Is your father or grandfather a former U.S. Navy officer? Do you have a friend who recently has been accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy? Celebrate them with an authentic U.S. Navy officer's swords and a Naval 1860 CPO cutlass.

An Introduction of Military Swords Memorabilia

Posted by Bryan on 6/22/2012 to Military Swords
Presentation swords are one of the most popular American military collectibles today. Swords that were awarded as an honor, replicas of swords once used in battle, historic swords and swords officers had custom-made for their own personal use... these are beautifully meaningful memorabilia that is also beautifully crafted of silver or gold and elaborately etched blades.