Military Swords: Significance and Meaning

Posted by Bryan on 7/11/2012 to Military Swords
Too many of us have never had the unique opportunity to serve in war. For those who have, we are in a time where swords and weapons that encourage hand-to-hand combat are all but eliminated. Instead, we control drones from halfway across the world that attack and destroy buildings and people. Even when we are on the ground, we are using guns that can shoot people from hundreds of feet away. The combat and the military tactics that used to be in play when guns did not exist has been all but forgotten.

So, why do people still collect military sort and display them proudly in their home? The truth of the matter is that part of it is a bit of nostalgia for the past. We are still living in an era where heirlooms can be passed down from old wars such as the Civil War. During this time, although guns were extremely common, knives and swords were still a major theme of combat.

Along with that, military generals and commanders typically carried swords as a sign of their rank and status. They were the easiest way to identify a military officer as higher ranking.

It is extremely common for people to keep military swords out of respect for history and admiration of those that fought before us. In the past war used to be extremely bloody and brutal. Sword fights would leave men lying on the battlefield wounded and bleeding for hours before dying. These days we can at least say that a gunshot is likely to kill a man much quicker. The men who fought back in the days were swords were common were undoubtedly some of the bravest and most honorable man who ever lived. Not only were they fighting for freedom or their beliefs, but they were also fighting ill equipped with tools that were not very fit for the job.

The next time you step into someone's home and see a military sword proudly displayed on their mantle, ask them about it. Ask them why they decided to display the sorts of prominently and what it means to them. You might find that they had a relative who fought in the war years ago, whether simply a history buff. Whatever the answer may be, you'll learn quite a bit more about our own history as well as the courage of men from the past.