Thank You

Posted by Devin on 11/27/2013 to Military Memorabilia
We thank our friends and relatives who have served in the military defending our freedom and rights, but for the vet, it’s not always easy returning home after service has ended, especially when the vet has been deployed to a war zone, or spent the whole of their career in service to the military. Civilian life can seem like another world, and sometimes words of thanks, while being our best shows of support, fall short of expressing the gratitude that we truly feel for our special vets.

Popular Military Collectors Items

Posted by Devin on 11/25/2013 to Military Displays
There are many genres of products that people enjoy collecting. Military items are found all over the world, and have significant history, so it comes as no surprise that these items are amongst the most collected in the world.

Military Insignia, Part One: Symbology

Posted by Military Insignia, Part One: Symbology on 11/12/2013 to Military Memorabilia
Every branch of the US military uses distinctive insignia, crests and heraldry to represent each individual unit within a command structure. These symbols are used for several reasons. First, for recognition on the battlefield and to help commanders in the field quickly determine which troops were theirs and which belonged to another commander. The unit crests and insignia also represented some of the core principles of that unit, principles that soldiers within those units would strive to live up to. The unit insignia can be broken down into three artistic elements, with each having its own set of meanings. The three elements contained in every unit insignia are the imagery or symbols, the colors and the shape of the crest itself. With the sheer number of options available when you combine those three elements, it is easy to see why no two unit crests or insignia are exactly the same.

History of the M7 Bayonet

Posted by Devin on 8/27/2013 to Military Memorabilia
Introduced in 1964 during the Vietnam war by the US military, the M7 bayonet was used for the M16. The M7 was used to replace the M6 bayonet that was common on the M14 rifle. Though they are very similar, the differences mainly lie in the muzzle ring diameter and the locking and release mechanisms. It is said that the M7 bayonet embodies a mesh of the M4 and the M6 bayonets in both style, and feel.

Honoring Your Favorite Marine with the Right Gifts

Posted by Joe on 11/18/2012 to Military Memorabilia
At Military Sword Displays and our sister sites, you will find a large variety of collectible Marine Corps and NCO items that are perfect for the Marine in your life. Marine Corps collectibles let them know that you appreciate their service.

From Patches to Ammo Cans -- Military Memorabilia

Posted by Bryan on 9/12/2012 to Military Memorabilia
People get interested in collecting military memorabilia for many reasons. Sometimes it's chance encounters with a relative's possessions from military service. Occasionally, people want to own a few items that remind them of their time served for their country.