M1 Garand and Hardwood Display Wall Plaque

Brand:  HCW
M1 Garand and Hardwood Display Wall Plaque
M1 Garand

M1 Garand and Hardwood Display Wall Plaque

Brand:  HCW
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M-1 RD

M1 Garand Hardwood Display Wall Plaque

This beautiful Custom made M1 Garand Wall Plaque was crafted to simulate the appearance of a Shadow Box with deep molding surrounding the Plaque. The Plaque is made with actual American Walnut or Cherry Hardwoods, and is finished with multiple coats of the finest furniture grade lacquers. The Plaque includes the Replica M1 Garand Rifle, your choice of US Military Emblem, and a small plaque engraved with the history of the M1 Garand. 


Custom personal Engraving is available at a small additional cost.

52 1/2�long by 12� high


WWII M1 Garand Non-Firing Replica Rifle

This replica of the M1 Garand is exceptional. Made with real hardwood stocks, sturdy metal (zinc), and functional parts, it has the authentic look and weight that will make you feel like you are holding the real gun. This Replica M1 is a premier collector's Rifle, perfect for a historical display in your home or office. Note that clip is not functional.


Length: 43" Weight: 7.75 Lbs


United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1

�M1 Garand�

The M1 Rifle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic, clip-fed rifle.


The M1 Garand (officially the United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1) was the first semi-automatic rifle to be generally issued to the infantry of any nation. In 1936, it officially replaced the bolt-action M1903 Springfield as the standard service rifle of the United States Armed Forces and was subsequently replaced by the selective-fire M14 in 1957. However, the M1Garand Rifle continued to be used in large numbers until 1963 and to a lesser degree until 1966.


The M1 Garand was used heavily by U.S. forces in World War II, the Korean War, and, to a limited extent, the Vietnam War. Most M1 Rifles were issued to American Army and Marine troops, though many thousands were also lent or provided as foreign aid to America's allies. The Garand is still used by drill teams and military honor guards. It is also widely sought by the civilian population as a hunting rifle, target rifle, and military collectible.

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