Interesting Information About the Most Popular Steel Alloys Used in Collectable Millitary Swords

Posted by Devin on 1/31/2014 to Military Swords
Most military sword manufacturers that manufactured collectable military swords used several steel alloys to produce swords for combat and ceremonial purposes. These steel alloys offered different benefits to users that can be inferred by examining military swords made out of these alloys. As a result, it's a good idea to have a basic understanding of how these alloys are manufactured. 

Here is some background information about some of these popular steel alloys that can help you gain a basic understanding of their benefits and production processes.

Some of the Most Popular Steel Alloys Are Carbon-based Alloys:
Many collectable swords that were produced during the last 150 years feature carbon-based steel alloys that are known for their hardness and strength. Many of these alloys can be readily identified on modern military swords by looking for a four-digit code on the sword's blade. The last two digits of this code describe how much carbon is contained in the alloy on a percentage basis. 

Other Popular Alloys Are Chromium Steel Alloys That Are Beautiful to See:
Some ceremonial swords that were used by military personnel were manufactured using chromium steel alloys that can contain as much as 5 percent chromium by weight. These alloys are known for producing beautiful blades that are easy to display attractively using a box-type display. 

Moreover, Spring Steel Alloys Are Popular Choices for Medieval-type Swords:
Spring steel alloys are special carbon-based alloys that have a high yield strength. Many swords that are manufactured for medieval enthusiasts are made out of these alloys. 
These swords typically have very durable blades that can withstand much bending and twisting without breaking. Moreover, many swords that are made out of spring steel alloys have a beautiful steel-gray color that is easy to display using today's modern military sword displays. 

Many Collectors Also Enjoy Collecting Swords That Are Made Out of Damascus Steel Alloys:
Damascus steel alloys were originally produced during the 18th century by Middle Eastern sword makers who mixed wootz steel with either carbon, nickel, or chromium to produce swords that could hold an edge easily. 

Swords that were produced out of these alloys featured layers of Damascus steel that were bounded together with pieces of metal wire. Many modern sword makers still use this layering process to create beautiful Damascus steel display swords that are very popular with many collectors who enjoy their beauty and craftsmanship.