How to Preserve and Store Your Military Uniforms

Posted by Dupree on 1/4/2014 to Military Displays
How to Preserve and Store Your Military Uniforms
Preserving your uniform is essential for enjoying it for your entire life. With proper care, you can enjoy your uniform for years, sharing it with future generations and treating it with respect. By following a few tips, you can ensure that your uniform will last as long as possible. 

Clean It

The first step in preserving your military uniform is to clean it thoroughly before you prepare to store it. Have your uniform dry cleaned thoroughly to make sure there are no stains or dirt. Clean each piece of metal separately and make sure each piece is dried before you get it ready for storage. It may be tempting to go for the least expensive option when having your uniform cleaned and prepped for storage. 

There are dry cleaners that specialize in cleaning delicate garments like military uniforms. Find a dry cleaner that has experience in cleaning uniforms. This is a worthwhile investment that will extend the life of your uniform. 

Sword Care

Cleaning your sword before storage is vital to preserving its natural beauty. Using a dry cloth, clean any dust from the blade by wiping it in an upward motion, away from your body. After ensuring that it is free of dust, use a light oil to polish the blade. While there are speciality oils for cleaning metal, a regular baby oil can also do the trick. 

The handle and scabbard will also need to be cleaned before storage. Using a lemon oil or furniture polish, clean the handle to ensure that no smudges are left behind. You can also use varnish or wax on the wooden surface to ensure a high shine. 

Polish the metal or brass of your sword with products like Brasso or Autosol. These products will not only clean the sword but seal in its natural finish. Finally, wax the leather elements of the sword to protect against cracking. 

Storing Your Uniform

The key to making your uniform last as long as possible is to store it away from moisture and light. Find a large archival storage box that will fit the uniform and leave additional space in the box. Archival storage boxes are designed for storing papers and keeping them from yellowing. These boxes feature acid-free paper that will protect your uniform from the elements. 

Creating as few folds as possible, place the uniform neatly into the box, smoothing out any creases. Always remove the uniform from the plastic dry cleaner storage bag before storing it. Some people place their paper storage boxes inside of plastic containers for better protection from water damage. 

Preserving and storing your uniform is essential for enjoying it over your lifetime. By following these tips, you can preserve your military uniform for generations to come.