How Properly Displaying a Military Flag Shows Respect

Posted by Devin on 12/21/2013 to Military Displays
America has a proud history of military flags, beginning with over a dozen different designs that were carried into battle during the Revolutionary War. Each branch of the military has its own flag, and many collectors enjoy tracing the history of the American military through the many incarnations of these flags, from the old maritime Union Jack to the modern designs for the Air Force. When displaying your military flags indoors, remember to care for them just like Old Glory. Technically, civilians are not required to follow the legal protocols of the U.S. Flag Code, but many prefer to give all official flags of the United States the respect of these traditions. Flag code stipulates that when the flag is displayed without a pole, it must be flat or suspended so that it falls free. The code also points out the obvious: the flag is never to be hung upside down or backward, but only with the blue star ground in the upper left corner. A framed flag not only adheres to this tradition, it also provides a great opportunity to protect your flag. If your military flag is old or holds historical significance, consider investing in UV-blocking glass to protect the dyes in the fabric. If you prefer not to frame your flag, there is another option. Triangular flag display cases allow you to store a properly folded flag while still showing off a hint of its furled glory through the glass display. Triangular cases also take up less space than frames, making them a good choice for collectors. Tradition holds that you must display your military flags according to the order that the branches were created: Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. If you are displaying Old Glory beside your military flags, hang it higher than the others or, alternatively, hang the military flags to the right of the American flag. Put another way, when you are facing your display, the American flag is on the farthest left-hand side. Following proper flag code for military flags is a symbol of respect for America and the honorable service and sacrifice from the United States Armed Forces. By choosing a protective frame or case to display your flag indoors, you ensure a long life for its dyes and fibers and get more years of enjoyment from your collection.