Honoring Your Fallen Soldier With Military Metal Display Cases

Posted by Devin on 12/26/2013 to Military Displays
When members of the armed services make the ultimate sacrifice, medals are often the most obvious reminder of the legacy of their service. If you count a fallen soldier among your friends or family, consider a military medal display case to honor the soldier's accomplishments and the visible evidence of the country's gratitude.

One of the simplest types of medal display cases is the shadow box. The benefits of using a shadow box to honor a fallen soldier are several. First, you have the greatest leeway in how you arrange various medals, badges and ribbons. Second, you can scale the display up to include any patches with special significance, such as rank insignia or campaign patches. Finally, you can customize the theme of shadow boxes. For instance, you might opt to use Marine Corps scarlet or Navy blue as the background with a contrasting frame color.

Your other major option for a medal display case is purchasing a more highly designed, specialty case. For fallen soldiers, these cases often include a special triangular area above or below the body of the case for the folded flag. These types of cases also give you guidance on how to appropriately arrange medals, badges and so on.

No matter which type of medal display case with which you choose to honor a fallen soldier, the resulting display stands as a proud reminder of the soldier's legacy and military record. With a shadow box or specialty display case hanging on the wall, a fallen soldier is never far from your thoughts.