From Patches to Ammo Cans -- Military Memorabilia

Posted by Bryan on 9/12/2012 to Military Memorabilia
People get interested in collecting military memorabilia for many reasons. Sometimes it's chance encounters with a relative's possessions from military service. Occasionally, people want to own a few items that remind them of their time served for their country. Others are history buffs who feel a closer connection to their interest if they can hold something like a piece of equipment or uniform.

There are so many different aspects to collecting military memorabilia. Although many history buffs love to learn about any era of military history, there are some with a specific focus that they're interested in. Many people's collections are strictly of certain eras, such as, Vietnam or the Cold War. Items sold for army surplus can range from patches or manuals to "dummy" artillery rounds. As worldwide communication has grown, collecting military memorabilia from other countries is easier than it's ever been before.

It pays to shop around and research military memorabilia before committing to buy. A little good-judgement goes a long way. So much military surplus is sold by governments every year. Many stores go beyond selling bulk items to collecting vintage memorabilia, especially if it's related to a particular era. However, some items were produced in such numbers their value isn't as great as a price tag suggests. For example, a brand-new Ka-Bar knife is listed at $89. Some memorabilia dealers insist the same style of knife from WWII is worth three times that much, although that's not the case. For that matter, some dealers sell items that are poor shape because they appear as though they've 'seen action.' Similar issues can happen when buying any other kind of collectable, all the same. If you're bored with stamps and baseball cards, this might be the hobby for you.