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Challenge Coin Displays

Challenge Coin Displays One of the truly unique collectibles of the US military, challenge coins have been around since World War I and are issued to servicemen and servicewomen for being part of a specific unit or cadre. Each one is uniquely decorated with emblems, crests and other imagery that are symbolic of that particular unit, and the sentimental value with which they are held simply cannot be measured. If you served your country as part of its Armed Forces, chances are good that you have at least a few challenge coins as a reminder of your time with each corresponding unit.

At MilitarySwordDisplays.com, we are former military, and we understand the place that challenge coins hold in our hearts. To honor this rich tradition, we have created a stunning line of handcrafted wooden challenge coin display cases in both walnut and cherry wood to help you display and commemorate these tokens of honor. Our challenge coin display cases come in three different sizes, holding either 9, 15 or 33 individual challenge coins. Perfect for your office desk or in a military trophy case at home. If you are a military family member, these make an incredibly thoughtful gift. Simply click on the size and style of display case you prefer from the selection below, and if you need any assistance, please call us today at 509-921-8090.
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