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Authentic Navy 1860 CPO Cutlass
Authentic Reproduction of the U.S. Navy 1860 CPO Cutlass & Scabbard
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Authentic Navy 1860 CPO Cutlass

Authentic Navy 1860 CPO Cutlass
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Authentic Reproduction of the U.S. Navy 1860�CPO Cutlass

We are pleased to offer this, a most accurate reproduction, of a United States 1860 Naval Cutlass.� This is the Model 1860 Cutlass that replaced the USN Regulation Model 1841 during the Civil War (1860-1865) and was unique with its "Cuillere a pot" or soup ladle style shell guard.� The Model 1860 Cutlass design produced the most elegant cutlass of all. It was aesthetically pleasing and well balanced, creating an efficient fighting tool within the confined quarters aboard warships.� About 22,000 of the 1860 Naval Cutlasses were produced by Ames for the Navy, and 300 were purchased by the U. S. Army.� The cutlass has a polished brass basket for hand protection with a comfortable, genuine leather grip with twisted wire.� The tempered high carbon steel blade has a length of 25 1/2 inches.� The blade is 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) thick and 1 1/16 inches (2.7 cm) wide at the midpoint.� This U.S. 1860 Naval Cutlass measures 31 1/2 inches (80.6 cm) overall and weighs 2 1/2 pounds. Accompanying the sword is a leather scabbard.�� Also, the scabbard has an attached leather "Frog" that allows the sword to be hung from a belt.�. The cutlass with scabbard and frog weighs 3 pounds.

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