About Us

I am a former active duty Marine who enjoyed a career in the insurance business, and a lifetime perfecting the craft of woodworking. After furnishing the homes of my three children, as well as homes of friends and other relatives, with furniture and cabinetry, I began to construct wooden displays for U.S. Military swords, flags, knives, medals, and other military-related items. These products have been sold locally through word of mouth as well as through the websites of other retailers.


This website was developed to allow me to provide to our armed forces, and the family and friends of our brave military men and women, quality wooden displays for their prized Officer and NCO swords.  Each Sword Shield and Sword Wall plaque is crafted with care, from the selection of fine hardwood, the milling and assembling, the sanding and finishing, and the careful packing and shipping by me. I do not have, nor do I intend to have, others that I must depend on to produce these beautiful military sword displays.  It is my desire to produce and deliver a quality product that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Larry Hughes