A Quick History of Ka-Bar Knives

Posted by Bryan on 11/13/2012 to Military Swords
Kabar knives are some of the most famous blades in America, if not the world. Known for creating quality fighting and utility knives, Kabar as a company has been around at least since the late 1890s, though some estimates take it back to the early 1800s when the New England cutlery industry began to re-surface. It wasn't until the 1920s when the term Kabar began to be applied to the company, or to its products.

WWII is where the Kabar knife earned its infamous reputation, however. In 1942 the United States Marine Corps accepted a revised design from the Kabar company for its official fighting knife. This knife has since gained a reputation as a utilitarian and lethal piece of steel that is still prized by those looking for a weapon and a tool. Due to the fame, or infamy, of this blade in the international conflict, the company officially changed its name to Kabar Knives after the second World War. It was the first of many changes to come.

In addition to officially changing the company's name, Kabar Knives was sold through several different owners over the time between the 1950s and the 1980s. In the 1990s the company stepped up production as well as distribution throughout the United States, which led to these blades once again becoming a recognized brand that anyone who used knives could tell at a glance. Hunters and fishermen, as well as soldiers and survivalists have come to value the quality and the sheer tenacity of the Kabar knife, whatever form it takes.

While the most famous knife by Kabar is still the USMC fighting knife, which is offered in several variations ranging from the original classic to those with updated materials, there are other blades available. Whether someone wants cutlery for the kitchen, skinning blades or casual folding knives for everyday tasks, Kabar provides these and many others. In addition to a reputation for quality and durability though, Kabar knives are still proudly made in the United States of America and sold from the New York starting place of the Kabar company. This has become a huge selling point for many customers, who prefer to spend money on products that are made domestically, as well as on products that have such a stellar reputation. Whether it's camping or fighting, Kabar is a company that ahs risen above and endured with its signature knives.