A Brief Review of Military Ranks

Posted by Bryan on 4/11/2013 to Military Sword History
The United States Military has a proud history dating back to 1775 when the Continental Congress formed the first branch of the U.S. Military, which was the Army. While American citizens grow up learning about the Military, and the nations war history, many people are still confused about the branches of the military, and what the various military rankings are.

There are currently five branches that make up the United States Military; these branches are: The Army, The Marine Corps, The Navy, The Air Force, and The Coast Guard. Each of these branches has a different history, and has various rankings that one can be in when in their service. This article will only discus the rankings in The Army, as this is the oldest and most well know branch of the U.S. Military. Here is a list of the rankings in the United States Army:
  1. Private (one, two, and first class)
  2. Specialist
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Staff Sergeant
  6. Sergeant First Class
  7. Master Sergeant
  8. Sergeant Major
  9. Command Sergeant Major
  10. Sergeant Major of the Army
  11. Warrant Officer
  12. Chief Warrant Officer (2, 3, 4, and 5)
  13. Second and First Lieutenant
  14. Captain
  15. Major
  16. Lieutenant Colonel
  17. Colonel
  18. Brigadier General
  19. Major General
  20. lieutenant General
  21. General
  22. General of the Army
When it comes to advancing from one rank to the next, there are several determiners that decide who gets promoted. Usually, the most common way to get a promotion is through good service. You can also get promoted through gaining awards for performance, and through getting high scores on certain tests. When it comes to gaining higher officer positions, you generally have to have gone to a military academy and trained for that leadership role; then you have to go through a panel interview to decide if you are fit for the advanced duty. The U.S. Military is very diverse in the roles people can play, and there are many ranks one can aspire to.