A Brief History of the Marine Corps

Posted by Bryan on 10/10/2012 to Military Sword History
The Marine Corps is a proud division of the four national services that protect the United States. Along with the Navy, Air Force and Army, the Marine Corps protect and uphold the dignity of this country both on land and sea. They are the branch that is on the front lines, and they are often called in to secure peace among nations in strife.

As they are known today, the Marine Corps was formed on November 10, 1775 when two battalions of Marines were recognized for service. They became known as the Continental Marines from that day forward and the Marines participated mightily in the history of defense in the growing America. They served in the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Mexican War and they made many peace landings around the globe.

In the Spanish-American War of 1898, the Marines joined the land forces fighting to keep America free. By the end of World War ll in 1945, the Marine Corps had multiplied troops and created six divisions or over 485,000 Marines. They had formed five air wings and thousands of supporting troops. In World War ll 87,000 Marines were wounded and killed, and 82 earned the Medal of Honor. They were a force to be dealt with that proudly stood for the freedom of their country.

Throughout the following years, the Marines participated in every war effort whether on land or on sea. From terrorist attacks in 1990, to Somalia and Haiti, the US Marine Corps has sent soldiers to maintain peace and restore democracy for all.

For the past 20 years a division of Marines has been actively engaged in America's counter-drug effort, which often means crossing international lines. The Marines are reliable and disciplined, from battling wildfires, to aiding in hurricane relief operations. The citizens of the United States sleep much better with the Marine Corp on watch.