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18 Inch USMC Plaque

This hardwood Wall Plaque is available in genuine Appalachian Walnut or American Cherry. A US Marine Corps emblem and a quality 18”replica Marine Sword, with United States Marines etched on the stainless steel blade, is included. Personal engraving is available. Plaque is 25” X 8”.

This stunning 18” replica United States Marine Corps sword is the perfect gift for the retiring or reposting US Marine in your life. Mounted in a hardwood plaque made out of your choice of genuine American Cherry or Appalachian Walnut, this display is beautiful while at the same time respectful and reserved. The plaque measures 25” by 8”.

The sword itself features an 11” stainless-steel blade with an etching of United States Marines on it. Its handle is simulated ivory and has brass accents and a brass-plated guard. In the bottom right corner of the display sits the USMC Emblem. We offer both a replica US Marines NCO sword and a replica US Marines officer sword. When taken as a whole, it demands and holds attention. As with our other swords, this sword and plaque package has an engraving option.
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