Military Sword Displays

Honoring your soldier with anything less than the finest sword display does a disservice to him or her. We are proud to offer you the very finest US Military Sword Displays, Navy Cutlass Displays, and KaBar Knife Displays! Our hardwood displays are crafted to display the Officer Swords of the US Marine Corps, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and the US Coast Guard. In addition, we offer special displays for the NCO Swords of the US Marine Corps, US Army, and for the US Navy Cutlass.

Each and every Sword Display and KaBar Display order is custom made for you. We make each Hardwood Military Display according to your specifications. The hardwood Sword/Cutlass Plaque, Sword Shield, Sword/Cutlass Shelf/Desk Display, and Sword/Cutlass Floor Display are crafted especially for your military sword.

Handcrafted Military Gifts

Our U.S. military swords are more than government-issued uniform accessories; these are a symbol of our military personnel's commitment to duty, a symbol that is earned, not given. Honor this commitment to service by preserving and displaying a service member's sword in a quality- constructed display case where it can be admired by the next generation, and serve as an inspiration. No matter what branch of service the military member belonged to, and no matter what his or her rank or rate, an appropriate display case is meant to do justice to this important memento which deserves to be shown with the respect it deserves. More than a curio object, an earned military sword is an object of pride and patriotism. Every commissioned and non-commissioned officer is proud of his or her sword. It is a fitting tribute to honor that legacy of service appropriately, with the highest quality materials and construction.
Pride, Precision, and Quality

We have provided years of quality work to our customers around the world. The quality of our products are beyond any standard that can be set in our field.

Offering products for military service men and women requires a level of precision that will live up to the standard of the branch of military that those men and women proudly serve.

With direction from a former active duty Marine, pride is a staple in everything that is created at US Military Swords Online. The pride put into our craftsmanship is made to show through and carry over to our customers pride to own any of our products.

Pride, Precision, and Quality - From us to you.